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The "PSL" Pretty Sassy Lady Camel Women's Blazer

The "PSL" Pretty Sassy Lady Camel Women's Blazer


This gorgeous camel women's blazer by PWR WMN is the one we went crazy over on our live recently. We love the ladies that created PWR WMN and love their story! These blazers are MADE for women. They give us that professional look that is intentional for women! Including the beautiful lining and pocket details. Comfortable, classic, and stylish!


PWR WMN got together with local Dallas artist and muralist Chera to create the stunning spicy "PSL" blazer and the lining you see is actually one of her paintings!!!! You get to literally wear art and support two local women entrepreneurs, now what's better than that???!

32% Nylon, 65% Cotton and 3% Spandex.  The fabrics used for the blazers are extremely breathable and provide the right amoun tof stretch for all-day comfort and wearability.  

Chera (the artist and model!) is a 34D, 130lbs, and 5'10" and she is wearing the medium for a more oversized look although she could easily rock the small as well! 

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